Michigan Nordic Fire Festival - USA, MI

Planning for 2024 is in full swing, we look forward to bringing you this years theme : Sleipnir

Horses owned by the Æsir are listed by Odin along with their names. Sleipnir was Odin's horse, He was gifted to Odin by Loki. His story is a unique one. For you see there once was a Master Builder that offered to build impenetrable walls so tall and strong around Asgard to protect the Æsir and the Vanir from all enemies. The Builder claimed he could build them in less than three seasons with only help from his horse. His demanded payment was the Sun and the moon along with Goddess Freyja and her golden tears. Loki thought carefully about this request and assured everyone that the builder would not be able to finish in time so no payment was needed After some consideration, the gods agreed to the unknown Builder’s demands of payment for the job . However, the jötun had a horse called Svadilfari and he was no ordinary horse. He would pull large stones from far away and build on the wall tirelessly day and night all through the Winter and Spring. When the walls were nearly finished and there was only three days left, the Aesir grew worried. After a few threats from Odin, Loki promised he would find a solution. And so the next day Loki walked into the forest and changed into a beautiful mare. For never had Svadilfari seen such a beautiful mare and he galloped after her, dancing across the plains. Loki managed to keep him "occupied", and as the time ran out the Builder flew into a rage and was removed from Asgard by Thor.

Some time after this, Loki, as a mare, gave birth to an eight legged gray foal named Sleipnir. The very best of horses who can out run all other horses and pass between the worlds.

Events to include:

Demonstrations- Cooking, Battles, Blacksmithing
Viking Camp
Musical performances
Fire Performers
LARP Players​

Hands-on activities (Free except when noted):

Spear Throwing
Axe Throwing (additional fee)
Kids' Quest
Kid's Axe Throwing

Free Competitions:

Spear Throw
Stone Throw
Stone Carry
Hammer Throw
Beard Competition ** Sponsored by Natural Viking **
Garb (Costume) Contest
Horn Blast of Heros (Please bring your own horn)
Tug a War/Toga Honk (Danes vs Saxons) ​​
Group Side Quests
Valhalla Drag

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Tipo de acontecimiento:
Historia viva
Ciencia ficción
Antigüedad tardía
Edad Media
Tiempos modernos
Número de días del acontecimiento: 3
Fecha: 23 feb 2024
Anuncio creado el 19 abr 2023

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