Information about Archaeology & Reenactment Network

How it works

How our Archaeology & Reenactment-Marketplace works

This platform enables anyone to offer related products or services related to reenactment of any era of human history. All registered offers, have to be approved by us and there is no right that they have to be approved, for example if they oppose applicable laws.

The Covid-19-Pandemic will make it impossible to host reenactment-events or presence studies before Easter 2022, so this is our effort to empower traders, craftsmen, groups, or individuals to sell their products, services or used goods worldwide easily online, without the risk of running one own's online shop or online presence.

With Middle-Ages.Com & Historymerchant.Eu we already have 20 years experience in selling online , and want to offer you a save and high quality platform for trade and exchange:

You can be really creative by offering services for sale, like crafting products by measures of customers, blacksmith works by order, or shoes/boots as needed by customers...


Secure payment options on our marketplace

All transactions are processed via PayPal or Stripe, because of which any buyer and seller can profit from secure payments and rights of rescission.



Fees will only be applicable if something is sold. The normal fees are:

low fees of


Marketplace fee: 
5 % of the profit (at least 0,50€)
+ PayPal-processing fee (0,35 € + 2,49%)

Minimal price of listings: 5,- €

Wooden tool, price 50,- €
Insured shipping: 8,- €
Marketplace fee: 5% of 50,- € = 2,50 €
PayPal-fee 0,35 € + 1,44 € (58,- € * 2,49%) = 1,79 €

Payment to the seller: 58,- € - 2,50 € - 1,79 € = 53,71 €


Right of rescission

The difference with someone offering a product/service on our marketplace lies in the Right to Rescission:

- commercial providers must respect the timely right to rescission of 14 days, without reason or opinion.

Right of rescission of customers
(Customer is any natural person, who accepts the offer of a provider, which cannot be accounted to his professional commercial working field.)

Instruction of rescission

Right of rescission
You have the right to cancel any contract within 14 days, without giving any reason.
The due date is 14 days from which, you or someone other designated by you to do so, who is not the transporting company, has taken ownership of the ordered goods

In order to execute your right to rescission you have to declare your precise decision to the provider of the product/service (f.ex. by letter, fax, email or direct message on our marketplace), that you wish to cancel your contract.

In order to preserve the deadline, it is adequate to send this message of rescission within those 14 days.


Result of rescission
If the consumer cancels the contract the provider must refund the price of the product/service, the cost of sending back the product must be payed by the consumer, within 14 days from the date when the cancellation message arrived at the provider.
If the loss of value of the product was caused by other reasons than those needed to check the proper conditions of the product, the consumer has to pay for it to the provider.


Criterions for exclusion

the right to rescission is not applicable with contracts

- for delivery of products, which where not produced beforehand, or which where produced exclusively for the customer according to his personal wishes and needs;

- for the delivery of products, which can spoil fast, or which due date would be exceeded ;
- for the delivery of alcoholic beverages, whose prices where settled on date of the contract, which can be delivered earliest 30 days later,  and which value depends on circumstances outside of the control of the provider;
- for the delivery of journals, papers or magazines with the exception of subsriptions. 

The right of rescission expires ahead of schedule
- for the delivery of sealed goods, which are not suitable for return due to reason of hygiene or health protection, if their seal was broken after delivery;
- for the delivery of goods, if they can not be separated after delivery, due to their nature;
- for the delivery of sound- or videorecordings or computer software in a sealed container, if the seal was broken after the delivery.

Reasons of expiration
The right of rescission expires for digital content without a physical data carrier, if the provider has begun with the execution of the contract, after the consumer 
1. explicitly confirmed, that the provider begins with the execution of the contract with prior expiration of the right of rescission and
2. confirmed the knowledge , that he loses his right of rescission with the begin of the execution of the contract. 

- private provider must not grant the right to rescission