Medieval Week Trani 2024 - IT

Nox Templariorum: In front of the Cathedral, the cleric narrates the origins of the Templar order and the pilgrim's defense is depicted, the Templars go about their daily activities.

Meanwhile, pilgrims on their way to the place of worship are attacked by bandits. The Templars rush to their rescue, a white-armed combat ensues where the brigands are captured and, at King Frederick's behest, taken away to be judged by the people. Next, while the pilgrims are rehearsed for what happened to the unfortunate pilgrims who were attacked, a woman cries out for help because she is being chased by the witch.

Sidonia frightens everyone with her spells, and as the procession of the Knights Templar arrives with King Frederick II to judge the brigands, the witch insults the knightly order and its king, foretelling his death in a town named after a flower. King Frederick shocked by the prophecy, orders the capture of the witch and while waiting to judge her asks the people what to do with the brigands, As the people call for their banishment here comes an ambush on the King and the Templars, a great sword fight ensues and as the King is about to be struck down a Templar defending the King is shot dead by the witch. The King goes down to battle and after their victory over the brigands, he has the witch brought before the people and she is about to be burned alive, but at the prayer of a young pilgrim to save her soul and with the exorcism of St. Cyprian by the cleric, she is freed from the evil one. Justice is done, the people honor the King and the Knights Templar.

The Marriage of King Manfred: The historical re-enactment that seeks to take up from past events, the singular episode that took place on June 2, 1259 in Trani, begins with the entrance of the common people who laugh sing, dance and gossip about the arrival of the princess, while a group of peasants arrives, including a certain Richino who upon hearing of the arrival of the “zita” jumps and dances for joy with his companions. In the meantime, his majesty's herald arrives who, by means of rhetorical phrases and poems in Sicilian rhyme, confesses that the king is seriously smitten with love and therefore has decided to make known to the whole country, his courtly Epirus woman. Out of the castle come the two processions, one of Manfred and the other of Elena Comneno.

Taking advantage of the urban planning of the place, the two retinues cross in Freedom Square, so that only one is formed. The procession continues to Oak Square, the place where the meeting takes place. The princess is escorted by the two armorers and aspiring knights Cola Palagano and Federico Sifula, the Byzantine grand monarch Baldwin and his family. At first sight, the king does not hold back: he embraces her and gives her a kiss. He resumes, later the procession, ending at the Swabian Castle.


Lebendige Geschichte
Science Fiction
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Datum: 9 Aug 2024
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