Scutum, authentic shield of Roman Legionnaires

Many replicas of Roman shields do not really correspond to original finds. Size, shape and design deviate considerably from traditional archetypes in many cases. The ULFBERTH®-crew took up this problem and introduced a remarkably more authentic replica on the market. Size and curvature correspond to Roman shields of about 40 – 200 AD. Shield boss (Umbo) and border are from tinned brass, very similar to the original tinned bronze fittings. Only the fastening of the shield boss is done with screws and round screw covers for practical reasons. The shield is strengthened with wooden strips at the back.

- Material: Wood, tinned brass
- Height: approx. 122.5 cm
- Straight width: approx. 65 cm
- Curvature (distance): approx. 15 cm
- Weight: approx. 5.1 kg

A product of ULFBERTH®.

Shipping weight: 10.10 kg

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