Tablet woven trim based on Birka finds - fine wool - made to orde

Tablet woven band with figural motifs based on finds from Birka. It can be used as a trim (or decorative belt) for your Viking or early medieval garb.

Made to order (2-3 weeks, depending on the length)
80 euro / 100 cm

Width: 2.8 cm/ 1.1 inch
Colour available: natural white, beige, brown-grey, ruby red, yellow, green, blue, navy blue. The band in the picture is: ruby red, beige, grey-brown.
Material: 100% 2-ply fine merino wool, made in Germany
Historical evidence: motifs from brocaded bands found in Birka, Sweden (Viking Age, 9-10th c.). Suitable in Viking, Rus, Anglo-Saxon, early medieval reenactment.

Due to the pandemics, we only ship to Europe.

Wash with care, hand wash only!

What is this craft?
Tablet (card) weaving is an ancient craft of making strong, narrow, decorative bands. In the past men and women wore tablet woven bands as belts, leg wraps, hair bands or garment trims. Today tablet woven bands are used in historical reenactment (from Celtic to late medieval Europe), SCA, larp, folk costumes and all kinds of pagan, fantasy or Viking societies. They can also serve as handfasting cords, guitar straps, bag straps, bookmarks and many other.

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