knitting kit with needles EU 10 size and plant dyed yarn

This set consists of a pair of knitting needles made entirely by hand and a yarn of pure 100% natural wool dyed with plants. A perfect gift for girlfriends and creative friends, who love to knit.

The wooden knitting needles are produced from a fir wood rod that is handcarved with manual tools.

Knitting needles size EU 10 - US 15 (10 mm)

This set includes 50 gr of pure wool yarn of irregular thickness, naturally dyed with viburnum which gives a soft pink color. Suitable for sensitive and delicate skins, because completely natural, without chemical colours or allergenic additives.

The dappled effect is characteristic of the dyeing process, an ancient and completely natural technique that I have resumed from tradition and that only uses water, heat and plant elements without chemical fixatives.

Wash by hand with cold water and delicate soap, possibly neutral PH.

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