Tablet weaving loom set with 10 tablets and weaving shuttle

This set is ideal for those who are approaching the old method of tablet / card weaving but also for serial weavers who want to renew their instruments.

This method of Viking weaving dates back to the 9th century and was used to make long strips of durable and richly drawn fabric. The use of the braids that were obtained was numerous, for example, sewn as a decorative border of clothes and fabrics and used simply as a belt.

Set consisting of:
- 1 Hand-made fir-wood loom, ideal for working long fabric bands by adjusting the tension as needed.
Size: length 60 cm, width 19 cm, height 13 cm
The size can be slightly different because it is all handmade.

  • 10 tablets in balsa, square shape with beveled corners and honed 4 mm diameter holes to prevent wire breaks and minimize the seam (creating unattractive bumps).
    Tablet size: 5x5cm, 2.5mm thick

  • 1 hand-carved beech wooden shuttle, ideal for table weaving and small frame fabrics.
    Shuttle size: 12x3 cm Thickness: 0.4 cm
    The shape and size of the shuttle may slightly differ because it is all hand-made.

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