Banner fresco: ladies in blue palace of Knossos fully lined

This drawing is done by hand on a fabric of colors of dimension 130x89 cm. At the top of the drawing, there is a space that can be used to introduce a rod to be able to hang it on a wall or other.
It is made with a special fabric paint (pebeo setacolor opaque paint). This painting is carefully packaged and sent with tracking code.
I paint on order.

Fresco of the three palace goddesses of Knossos around 1450 B.C.. This painting is dating from Minoan art (1800 B.C.). In this art, the paintings often represented religious subjects, spontaneity and joy of live, floral motifs. The colors were always very bright.

This painting is produced after payment.

I will deliver according to the model stated above.

Delivery time: 3-4 weeks

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