Medieval Brigantine, Leather Torso Armor, various sizes

This robust, light torso armor for the torso, also called brigantine, is made of 2 mm thick, vegetable-tanned leather. The chest and shoulder area is reinforced with 2 mm thick leather plates, whereby each plate is securely fixed with four brass rivets with an antique finish. Material and construction not only ensure greater mobility than comparable plate skirts or scale armor made of metal, but also create a great look.

The leather brigantine is closed in the back by five leather straps with brass buckles. These buckle straps, securely fastened with sturdy brass rivets, are adjustable and thus allow individual adaptation to the respective body size.

This martial looking leather armor forms an excellent basis for the representation of a variety of historical and fictional or fantasy characters. It is ideal as an accessory for medieval or late medieval reenactment, LARP, stage and costumes and will simply make your transformation into a proud warrior perfect.

This high quality, absolutely stunning leather harness is available in two different sizes.

- Material: vegetable tanned leather, brass fittings with antique finish
- Color: brown
- Available sizes: M, L

Size Chart:

Size M:
Length (from shoulder) approx. 65 cm
Width at the chest (spread out flat): approx. 54 cm Chest circumference: approx. 105 cm min. / 115 cm max.
Weight: approx. 1740 g

Size L:
Length (from shoulder) approx. 70 cm
Width on the chest (spread out flat): approx. 58 cm Chest circumference: approx. 115 cm min. / 125 cm max.
Weight: approx. 1920 g

The above Specifications may vary slightly from copy to copy.

Shipping weight: approx. 3 kg

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