Viking Round Shield, painted with Mánagarm and Sköll

This round shield is painted with motifs of the Norse Mythology.

The wolves Mánagarm (literally translated: Moon Hound) und Sköll (Treachery) are the sons of the monstrous wolf Fenrir. Mánagarm is the wolf who destroys the moon. He feeds on the flesh of the dead, and during the Ragnarök, he and his brother Sköll stain the home of the gods with blood by chasing and swallowing the sun and the moon. Our shield is a representation of the wolves' hunt for moon and sun.

This large Viking shield is made of approx. 13 mm thick plywood, covered with canvas. The steel shield boss is to be mounted by the customer with the supplied screws.

- Material: approx. 13 mm thick plywood
- Including shield boss made of steel
- Diameter: approx. 92 cm
- Weight: approx. 6 kg
Shipping weight: 7.00 kg

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