Medieval square lantern with horn windows

Made of iron with real horn windows. Almost all parts are riveted. Incl. S-hook for hanging the lantern. With door on the back.

About the history of the lantern:
Lanterns were already in use in the early Middle Ages. A light source, usually a candle, more rarely a small oil lamp, was placed in a metal frame, the side surfaces of which were formed by thinly scraped horn plates or, at that time, more elaborately by glass or crystal panes. They were used to hang them up in living rooms, as light sources on dark paths (night watchmen) and as signals on ships. There were also pure sheet metal lanterns with many holes in the, mostly round, body to allow air in and light out. Wrought iron hanging lanterns became the subject of artistic training in the 16th century. (Source: Wikipedia)

- Height: approx. 22 cm
- Diameter: approx. 10-11 cm
- Weight: approx. 700 g

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