Viking incense

Mix of 9 grams of energizing plants sold in sachet

From the beginnings of humanity, during the Antiquity as well as during the European Middle Ages - and still today in traditional societies - burning incenses has been used to improve well-being.
It is this marginal but effective knowledge that I would like you to discover in the burning incenses of the Cleopatra Lab.

They are made with traditional plants whose effectiveness is always proven, and whose qualities were already recognized in ancient worlds.

Viking incense mixes 2 European plants, juniper and rhodiole. The first was a fragrance typical of the Nordic peoples, while the second is reputed to have been the source of their strength and fighting spirit.

Please note, this is legal almost everywhere, but it is up to you to make sure that this is the case in your country.
All these plants are safe and taken in reasonable doses, will ensure optimum comfort and well-being.
Please note, this is not a medicine but an incense, it does not replace the advice of a doctor but perfumes your room to optimize the comfort in your interior.

Burn a little of the mixture with the system of your choice, directly with a flame, with an electric burner, with charcoal, etc: from a pinch to a level teaspoon to start.

Put your face near the smoking mixture to benefit from it and if you want to prolong the effect longer, fumigate near a garment or fabric so that it takes on the scent. Stop burning the incense as soon as the desired effect is achieved.

Given its stimulating and energizing properties, it is rather recommended to burn the Viking mixture when you need energy, and never in the evening, before going to bed!

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